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PROGRAM Läsåret 19-20


MODERSMÅL Italienska

FÖDD Oktober 2002

INTRESSEN Piano, simning, gymma, språk

ÖVRIGT Kan även prata franska och tyska och har börjat läsa sig svenska.

En hälsning från Virginia

Jag heter Virgnia, Jag kommer från Italien och Jag är 16 år gammal. 

I have one brother and with my family we use to eat together and talk about our day or we watch a movie together. I like to cook with them and learn new dishes every time. When I was younger I loved to bake, now I’m becoming expert in healthy food as salads or smoothies. At home I help my parents cooking, but not only. I’m told to be an organized person. I love to plan things and get my schedule done, I can be really determined. I am the one who manage into my group of friends and organise activities. They are my second family and I love them. We love to go out and spend time together, do shopping or just talk in front of a coffee or something warm. I heard there’s this tradition in Sweden called “Fika” where people gather to have a coffee together. I’m looking forward to trying it, also because I’m a big fan of coffee and talks.

I really enjoy dancing, when I was little I attended a dance-school for 5 years and I loved it, but then I quit because in Middle school I had a lot to study. I have been attending a gym for two years two times a week. This year I’ve added swimming to my sport routine and I go once a week with my father, it is also a moment to spend time with him. When I have free-time I use it to watch Netflix or read a book or play the piano. I have played it for 7 years. Now it’s 3 years I don’t take lessons anymore and this makes me upset, but I have no time for it. I like pop music and if not Italian is better. I listen to German, French, English and Spanish songs and I’m always opened to new ones. I think music is a very good idea every time for every mood you’re going through.

At school my favorite subjects are English, German, Philosophy and Italian. What I feel for foreign languages is not only love, it is an obsession. As you can imagine I’m really excited about this Exchange because I hope I’m going to improve my English skills and learn Swedish. I have even started to learn it by myself!

Apart from this, I see this experience as an opportunity to increase my personal confidence and independence. I hope to get closer to a new culture and to new people and their traditions. I’d like to see life from another prospective. This is the perfect possibility to challenge myself as well. Everything is a good reason to come to Sweden: for example I’m really attracted by the landscape. I hope I’ll like your country, but I’m sure I will. I heard winter is very hard there, but I’m not scared because I enjoy the cold weather and the snow. It’s useless to say I have no expectations because that would not be true; I can just say I hope to have the best experience ever. I hope I’ll get closer to your culture. I’m really excited about this whole travel.


Virginias presentationsvideo

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