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Cropped teemu  profilbild


Läsåret 20-21




Finska, svenska, engelska


Mars 2003


Gillar att idrotta, speciellt springa, simma, cykla, spela ishockey. Gillar även att fiska, laga mat, umgås med djur, vara i naturen, resa


Familjekille som gillar att vara aktiv och är intresserad av världshistoria.

En hälsning från Teemu

Dear host family,

My name is Teemu and I´m a 16-year-old boy. I live in a pretty small town in Finland with my parents and one of my older sisters. I go to a local high school that is located close enough to our home so that I can cycle to school every day. I have many close friends at school and get along with everybody.

I´m friendly, trustworthy, helpful, brave, independent and am able to work with everybody. I like sports, animals and all kinds of music. I´m also fairly neat, and appreciate a healthy lifestyle. I can eat almost anything, but my favourites are smoothies, fruits, fish and meatballs. I like to eat healthy, so I don´t enjoy sweets or chocolate that much.

On weekdays I go to school and afterwards like to go out or play video games with my friends. Weekends I spend time with my family and friends, sometimes at our cottage where we can go swimming and fishing. When I´m alone and bored I like to go on runs and long walks to explore new places.

My family is loving, honest and we have a pretty good sense of humour. We have good relationships with each other. At home I help with the housework, clean my room, take care of our dog and sometimes do the cooking. There isn´t any strict rules in our house, but we have a curfew and I tell my parents when I´m going somewhere.

I love to travel and see new places even though my family doesn`t do it that much. I´ve visited Sweden twice and really liked it. I want to better my Swedish and explore the country more.

I really appreciate you for letting me come and live in your family and home, I´m really grateful for the opportunity.


Teemus presentationsvideo

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