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PROGRAM Läsåret 19-20



FÖDD Augusti 2003

INTRESSEN Musik, spela och sjunga i kör, sport (löpning, basket, simma, pingis), måla.

ÖVRIGT Är just nu på ett utbytesår i USA.

En hälsning från Ruolan

My name is Ruolan, but you can call me Alice. I am 15 years old. I’m an outgoing and lovely girl. I’m helpful and I’m used to help other people when they are in trouble. My friends and family describe me as a humorous person who always bring a lot of fun.

I have a lot of hobbies. One of my great hobbies is singing. I have learned music since I am 5 years old. I learned a lot of instruments, such as piano, guitar, drums and so on. I also like sports. I really like basketball, also my skills are not so good. Running is also one of my favorites, because it helps me to keep healthy. This year I even join our school running team. I also like painting and travelling. I have been to 24 cities in China and now, I’m in America.

My hometown is very a beautiful and flourishing city. It is famous for its delicious food and snacks. I learned to cook Chinese traditional cuisine, and I want to cook for you when I come.

Now my school is a Christian school and even though I’m not a Christian, I respect them and pray with them. This is a very new thing for me. Teachers and classmates work hard and are friendly. They are a lot different from Chinese students. They are outgoing, warm-hearted and helpful.

Finally, as an exchange student, my greatest wish is to know more about Sweden. I want to make more Swedish friends and also improve my English and Swedish. I hope I can be a bridge between Sweden and China, its long history and many traditions and customs.

All in all, thank you for reading my letter! 

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