Rosa - Värdföräldrar familj


PROGRAM Läsåret 19-20

HEMLAND Nederländerna


FÖDD September 2001

INTRESSEN Piano, friidrott, utomhusaktiviteter (paddla kanot, vandra, cykla, vindsurfa). Tycker mycket om barn och är ofta barnvakt.

ÖVRIGT Scout ledare. Besökt Sverige fem gånger tidigare. Vill gärna prova på skidåkning under utbytesåret!

En hälsning från Rosa

My name is Roos. I’m from The Netherlands, I live in a small town surrounded by forests, fields of heather and lakes. That’s why I love to be outdoors and do outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing, cycling and windsurfing.

I am friendly and helpful, I am interested in many things and I am eager to learn and to go to new places. I am a little bit introvert in new situations, but I am always able to make new friends quickly. My friends describe me as an intelligent, driven, kind and helpful person. They say it's fun to have me in their groups. My friends can always count on me, because I am a reliable and steady person.

I’m from a family of four, I live with my father, mother and older sister. With my father share a love for nature and the two of us go on camping trips together. With my mother, we share an interest in culture, that’s why we visit museums, go to concerts and go on city trips together. I have a special relationship with my sister as she has autism. I sometimes bake cookies with her or we have a walk in the surroundings. As a family we like to spend a lot of time together and do outdoor activities such as canoeing and hiking.

At school, I am very interested in biology, chemistry, physics and maths. After my gap year I want to study Life Science and Technology. After university I want to work in a lab and study microscopic organisms (microbiology). In my spare time I do activities with my friends. With my best friends from school, I like to bake cakes and pies, go to the cinema and have dinner. With my athletics friends I train two times a week. Several times a year, I go on a hike trip with some friends. I also teach two little expat girls the Dutch language and do some babysitting. Because I like to spend some time with children I recently became a leader of a scouting group. When I was younger I was a member of scouting myself and I enjoyed it very much. Once a week I follow a piano lesson, I play the piano since I was 7 years old. I listen to a lot of music and a lot of different music genres. Most of the time I listen to rock music or alternative music. I would like to sing in a (school) choir or/and play in a (school) band when I’m in Sweden.

I visited Sweden five times during summer holidays and from the first time I came to Sweden I liked the country and the nature. Because I’m still very young when I graduate from school I decided to take a gap year in Sweden to learn more about your country, the language and the culture. I hope I’ll become more independent, more confident and I hope to learn a lot about Sweden, its culture and language. I already watch a lot of Swedish Netflix series and I listen to the language (I can already sing your national anthem!). What I can bring in into your family life is my interest in Sweden, my helpful and steady character and my eagerness to learn new things and experience new challenges. Of course I can learn you a lot about Holland and the Dutch culture! I’m open minded and I have the ability to adapt myself quickly and easily.


Rosas presentationsvideo

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