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Miguel är 18 år och kommer från Mexico. Han går just nu på gymnaiset i Eslöv, men kan tänka sig att prova på livet i någon annan svensk stad under sitt utbyte! En ny värdfamilj till Miguel kan därför bo var som helst i Sverige.

En hälsning från Miguel

Now that i have been a while in Sweden I can say that my life has changed a lot. I attend school in order to learn Swedish, that is not quite easy because its very different from my mother language that is Spanish. I also enjoy making other different things like going for a walk, playing with my friends and watching Netflix. I also like to go to other cities like Malmö or Lund for a walk or to meet with my other friends from the exchange. Its a simple life for saying it in a way. My life in Mexico was very different, it was really fast and busy, so I kind of like it in here. Back in Mexico I used to go to the medicine school, to the gym, to have homework and to read a lot, which is an activity that i like, also top play Xbox and hang out to study with friends. On my weekends I attend to the boys scouts, and in the nights I hang out with my family to get a dinner at a restaurant, and on the Sundays it was day of duties and homework.

To speak of my hobbies well I kind of like to have a lot of them, I like to read, hear music, play video games, but those are kind of the regular ones on my daily life. I used to attend to the gym with regularity, and talking about exercise, I used to practice American Futbol, Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Box, and basketball. Besides sports, I like to learn how to cook, of from the places I am going to visit, also about scouting technics, and to learn languages, and to research about different topics specially Biology, Medicine and Pathology. Besides those hobbies I like to go out with my friends, or to play gotcha which is an activity that i really like.

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