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PROGRAM Läsåret 19-20

HEMLAND Tyskland


FÖDD Januari 2003

INTRESSEN Fotboll, gymnastik, simma, läsa, spelar trombon, baka och laga mat

ÖVRIGT Varit i Sverige på semester många gånger. Kan redan lite svenska. 

En hälsning från Mette

Jag heter Mette, är 16 år gammal och jag kommer från Tyskland. I live with my mum, my dad and my sister, hon är 18 år gammal, in the north of Germany. 

I am ambitious and curious. I love sports but I also love calm activities like reading or just hanging around, or playing parlour games with my family and friends.

At home I do many sports. Since eight years I play soccer twice a week. With my team I took part at the Gothia Cup 2017 in Gothenburg. Since ten years I swim and do gymnastics. One year ago I did my exam to be a lifeguard so I can do security firm at a lake. One reason because I love gymnastics is the challenge that you have to pay attention to so many different things at the same time. During my exchange year I would like to do sports but for me it is not important what kind of sport. I am excited to try new sports and hobbies, and interested in the activities that Swedish teenager do in their free time.  

With one of my friends I go to school by bike which is very relaxed because we only need five minutes.  Jag pratar engelska, franska och lite svenska. Both English and French I learn in school. I learn English for six and French for five years. My favourite subjects are the two foreign languages, sport and music. I am part of a school orchestra where I play the trombone. 

At weekdays I rarely meet my friends because I do so many sports but I see them every day in school or when I do my hobbies, and we can do many different things and laugh together. At a normal weekend I often have a soccer match. I meet my friends, read a lot and do my homework. I also sometimes bake cakes or do other desserts.

A reason why I decided to do an exchange year is that I like languages and I like to be able to communicate with peoples from other countries. I chose Sweden for my exchange year because my family and I pass our holidays in Småland since eight years and love the Swedish nature. I would like to visit Sweden not only as a tourist so I get to know the Swedish everyday life. 

I really look forward to my exchange year. And I am excited to learn new habits and a new language. I thank you for your willingness to welcome an exchange student at your home.


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