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PROGRAM Läsåret 19-20

HEMLAND Tyskland


FÖDD Augusti 2002

INTERESSEN  Biologi, sport (friidrott, rodd, tennis, cykling, segling), spelar gitarr i ett skolband

ÖVRIGT Vill gärna fortsätta idrotta under sitt utbytesår, genom friidrott, rodd eller kanske fotboll!

 Skola i Sverige

Täljegymnasiet Södertälje

En hälsning från Maxim

My name is Maxim and I am 17 years old. I live together with my parents and my older brother. My grandparents also live in the same city.

My favorite subjects at school are sport and biology. I can imagine to study veterinary medicine or sport medicine in the future. After my school lessons, I have to do my homework but anyway I manage to do sport 2 or 3 times a week. In the evening, I help to prepare dinner and sometimes even cook by myself for the whole family. But please do not think that I am a professional cook. Anyway I can make a good pasta, risotto and my favorite dessert: tiramisu. On the weekend or when I have holidays, my family and I travel, bike or go sailing. Sometimes we go to see a movie together. I also play basketball with my father when we have time.

As I mentioned before, I do a lot of sports. Currently, I am doing athletics in a sport club and I do rowing at school. In the past I did karate and roller hockey. I like sport because it is fun and in particular with team sports, I like to have interaction between people. I love sport and it does not matter what kind of sport I can do in Sweden.  

My other hobby is to play the guitar. In my school I have music profile and I play guitar in a school music band. Also at home I like to listen to music, especially rap, pop, rock and sometimes jazz.

Last year I have been to Sweden for the first time. The most impressive thing is the friendliness of the Swedish people and the beautiful nature. The nature in Sweden is so impressive! I am happy to spend a year in Sweden. I know that I will learn Swedish at school but I am going to learn a little bit of the language already during my summer holidays before flying to Sweden.


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