Matthew - Värdföräldrar familj


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PROGRAM Läsåret 19-20, inriktning musik



FÖDD Maj 2001

INTRESSEN Spelar cello i en orkester, datorspel, trädgårdsarbete, familjens hundar, resa, vandra

ÖVRIGT Mormors mor emigrerade från Dalarna till USA 1916. Tycker mycket om djur.

En hälsning från Matthew

Dear Future Host Family, My name is Matthew, and I am a senior in high school. I live in the Southeastern United States with my mom, dad, older brother and our two dogs, Pippin and Rosie. My favorite activities and hobbies are orchestra, hiking, online strategy games, traveling and gardening, and I also love animals. 

Our family enjoys movies, travel and participating in two charitable groups called the 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion where we dress up as Star Wars characters at charity events to raise money for sick children. 

Gaming is a very important hobby of mine. Online video games connect me with other gamers around the world, and my cousin in North Carolina. He lives four hours away, but we spend time together online almost every day. I particularly enjoy strategy games and playing as part of a team in games like Destiny, Starcraft and Heroes of the Storm. My brother is also a gamer, and through games I still get to enjoy time with him when he is away at school. 

My favorite outdoor activities are camping and hiking. My mom takes me and my brother camping in state parks a couple of times a year. We have camped in swamps, mountains and forests. Last summer, I worked for a program doing trail work at a state park in Virginia. Creating a trail was the toughest job I have ever done in my life, but I discovered that I enjoying working outside. This year I am working in the garden/greenhouse at my school growing food for a local food charity, and I am exploring agriculture or forestry as a possible future career. 

My cello is very important to me too. I play in my school’s chamber orchestra, and orchestra is my favorite class. I like playing classical music, as well as the soundtracks from movies and video games. I love listening to music while I do school work or gardening. 

I am particularly interested in going to Sweden because my greatgrandmother was born in Dalarna, and I have family in Sweden that I have never met. Last year, our family also hosted an exchange student from Sweden, so I would enjoy experiencing his country like he experienced ours. 

I would be immensely grateful if you would accept me into your family. Getting to live with you and your family would be a great opportunity to grow as a person and experience part of my cultural heritage.

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