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Cropped med vänner


Läsåret 20-21




Tyska, franska, engelska


Januari 2004


Simning, ridning, rita, baka, läsa, rita, baka, lyssna på musik


Gillar att lära sig nya saker och hjälpa andra. Tränar för livräddningssällskap.

En hälsning från Julia

Dear Host Family,

Jag heter Julia och jag är 15 år. I live in a small town in Germany with my parents and my little sister.

I got inspired to do an exchange year after a classmate of mine went to Japan. I´ve always been interested in Sweden and wanted to live there as a kid, probably because my grandparents have a holiday house in Västergötland. And after we made a camping trip to Northern Sweden in 2017 I fell in love with the country and made up my mind about going on exchange in Sweden. 

I´m really excited for my year in Sweden. I really want to know how the school system there works. In Germany my school days are about from 8 to 13 o´clock and my favourite subject is math, without any real reason. I just like it the best.

After school I usually go home and eat lunch with my mother and my sister, or go eat with friends. After lunch I have free time to do my homework, to read, draw and listen to music. My hobbies are swimming, horse riding and playing the transverse flute. I also like to bake, cook, to go for walks and watch movies with my friends. 

We eat dinner together with my family every evening, and on the weekends we go on trips sometimes and visit my grandmother or uncles and their families that live a few hours away from us.

I´m a very open person who likes to try new things, for example last few months I´ve been reading Mangas and getting to know the Korean culture. I´m very excited to see which new things and activities I can try in Sweden! But first I want to learn Swedish so that I can say more then "hej" and "tack".

I´m really grateful for the opportunity to live in your family and get to know your ways and culture. I hope you got an idea what I´m like, and I can´t wait to get to know you better!

I´m excited to see you soon! Hej då!


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