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PROGRAM Läsåret 19-20

HEMLAND Tyskland


FÖDD April 2002

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En hälsning från Johanna

Mitt namn är Johanna och jag är från Tyskland. Jag är 17 år gammal.

I dream to be an exchange student in Sweden because I want to learn a lot about your country. My decision of Sweden is because this country is one of the happiest in the world. I am also interested in its culture and language.

My Parents, my brother and I live together in a house in the countryside. My brother is 13 years old. We get along with each other very well. We don’t have a pet but if I could I would have one. My grandparents live near us so I meet them often during the weekend. We play miniature golf eating ice cream together.

In my daily routine, I have quite enough time for myself. I am in 11th grade in high school. Normally, school is out at 1pm but in Tuesday and Wednesday, I have school until 3pm. After school, I do my homework and eat something for lunch. In most cases, you find me at the soccer field during my free time. I am there with my brother or some friends. Twice a week, I train with my team and the weekends we have a game. Also twice a week, I teach soccer to some little boys with my father. I’ve been doing it since this year. At regular weekends, I meet my friends. We do sports or we cook, we talk much and have a lot of fun. For example last weekend, we were ice-skating. Sometimes, we have pyjama parties. Then we watch films, eat popcorn and listen to music.

In my last summer holidays, I think I met friends almost every day and I loved it. Often we had a barbecue in the evening. We were swimming, listened to good music and relaxed.

A great passion of mine is travelling. Unfortunately, I haven’t be able to see that much yet. I have been in many countries in Europe but Sweden is not one of them, so it would be a pleasure to be in this country for one year.

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