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PROGRAM Läsåret 19-20


Modersmål Estniska

FÖDD November 2001

INTRESSEN Piano, sjunga i kör, läsa

ÖVRIGT Stort musikintresse. Läst svenska i 2 år.

En hälsning från Hanna

Jag heter Hanna Pria och jag är en 17 år gammal student från Estland. Jag har studerat svensk för nästan två år nu. I’m very excited to be coming to Sweden for my exchange year. Right now, I study in a class where the focus is on the studies of economy. In primary school, I was entirely focused on studying music. I started studying the piano and singing there and I’ve been very dependent on music since then.

I have watched movies and read about Nils Holgersson and Pippi Långstrump from an early age and I still consider these two to be my very favourite characters. Thanks to Sweden and Estonia being rather close to each other, a big part of the books that are written there are also read here and I haven’t been missing out on getting to know Karlsson and kids from Bullerbyn as well.
These are memories from my childhood but today I’ve had the chance to get to know Sweden even better and that is because of my Swedish teacher. I have been studying Swedish for almost two years now and the thought of spending my exchange year in Sweden started to grow there. The teacher is also the reason why I know a poem by Nils Ferlin by heart, why I listen to music by Monica Zetterlund and why I know more about Ingmar Bergman.
I study in an economy class and I have learned a lot there, but I’m even more interested in culture and literature. I believe something related to languages and literature is what I want to study at the university as well but as I haven't figured out my future yet, my mind is opened to lots of ways of existing.
I like discovering and gathering new knowledge. It could almost be about anything, I still feel the knowledge adds to me. That’s one thing that makes studying overall much more interesting to me- I can always learn something valuable. I also like writing important things down- I always write down every movie I watch and every book I read.
As a person, I am open-minded and honest. I try to think positively and even when I am unmotivated at times, it’s just temporary. I like to think that I'm rather reasonable because I try to trust my own decisions, not act by what somebody else says. Personal growth is important to me and I believe I have a lot to learn through the exchange year experience.


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