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PROGRAM Höstterminen 2019 (aug-jan), inriktning musik



FÖDD Januari 2001

INTRESSEN Musik, spelar piano sedan 3 år tillbaka. Tycker mycket om barn och brukar vara barnvakt.

ÖVRIGT Tycker om matlagning och lagar ofta middag till hela familjen. Vegetarian.

En hälsning från Florence

Jag heter Florence. Jag är 18 år gammal. I’m on my last year of school. I have one brother (20) and one sister (14). My parents are still married and I get along well with them. I love travelling and going on exhibitions with my mom.

 I really like music and have been playing the piano for the past 3 years. I also really like school for learning and my favorite subjects are French and history. I have two extracurricular activities: piano and music history class. From time to time, I go to the theater.  I really like children and for the past year, I have been taking care of 3 siblings. I really like astronomy too even if I don’t know much about it.

I am someone very calm, polite, devoted, curious and open minded. I am vegetarian but still eat some animal products. I am very sensitive to the animal cause and to ecology. I try to reduce our waste by using a compost for instance. I think we should all protect the planet.

I don’t have specific dreams about my future except those I’ve had since I was young, such as seeing wild orcas, visiting as many places as possible or things like that. But I think that my dream is to be happy and healthy and to have my family with me every day. My number one hope is to live in a better world: less war, less poverty, less pollution and famine, and more love, kindness, acceptance. That would be my perfect world.

I am going on a exchange because I want to discover a new country, a new culture and new people.

I choose Sweden because I really Northern Europe and really want to discover this country and culture different of mine. Sweden seems to be a beautiful country with amazing landscapes. I am very excited about this experience. I think it is a chance not everyone can take so I am very glad to take mine!


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