Daniela - Värdföräldrar familj


PROGRAM Läsåret 19-20

FÖDD Juni 2003

INTRESSEN Basket, idrott, utomhusaktiviteter, läsa

ÖVRIGT Aktiv person, vill läsa vidare inom medicin eller liknande i framtiden.

En hälsning från Daniela

Dear host family,

My name is Daniela, I am fifteen years old and I live in the Chilean Patagonia. I am so excited about the idea that I will spend one year in Sweden. This school exchange had been a dream since I were thirteen years old. I like to have new experiences like custom of life, new language, new weather, etc. I choose Sweden as it is a mix of modernity and nature and it is more advanced than Chile in social aspects.

I have three sisters and a dog. The two oldest have their own house and I have a niece and I see them very often. My favorite subjects at school are biology, chemistry, history and English. I have a good school performance and a good relationship with my teachers and colleagues.

After school, in my free time, I train almost every day basketball. I practice basketball during 4 years approximately and I have played for my school, my club, and for the regional’s selection where with my team we have won many championships. For this sport, I have travel through Chile and to the most nearby cities in Argentina. In this trips, I have stayed with host families for one or two weeks and I enjoyed it. These experiences made me more independent and responsible. I always share with my friends in basketball and in the school. Sometimes we go to the cinema, to the park if the day is sunny, top go shopping, etc. I think that I have really good friends. They always support me and make me happy. In my house I read books. I like music of different styles and I love discover new music. I participate to the household tasks like set the table, clean the living room, clean my room and give food to my dog.

My family is lovely. Sometimes we go to see members of our family in other part of Chile and visit the beautiful place of Patagonia like Paine Towers. We almost always lunch together and after we drink coffee prepared by my dad. I love this part of the day because we share our day and we talk about different topics. My mum is really affectionate and she cook delicious food. My favorite food is the pasta and the empañadas. With my sister we are very close. I trust them and they always support me. We see very often and I like share with them.

Some adjectives that describe myself are that I am bouncy, enthusiastic, athlete, sociable, talkative, helpful, charismatic, curious, independent, loving, and respectful.

Thank you for the time that you spend reading this letter and I look forward to hear from you soon, 

Best regards


Danielas presentationsvideo

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