Chloé - Värdföräldrar familj


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PROGRAM Läsåret 19-20

HEMLAND Frankrike


FÖDD December 2003

INTRESSEN Spela badminton, läsa, rita, baka, utomhusaktiviteter (cykla, åka skidor)

ÖVRIGT Tycker mycket om barn och är regelbundet barnvakt åt sin lillasyster. Allergisk mot katter.

En hälsning från Chloé

Jag heter Chloé. Jag är 15 år gammal. I am calm and joyful as well as kind, respectful and autonomous. I am not afraid to meet people that I do not know. At school, I am studious.

I have a little sister. Her name is Emma and she is 10 years old. I often play with her. We often play board games and sometimes video games. At home, I help my parents and sometimes help my sister to do her homework. On Wednesdays and during the holidays, I take care of my sister while my parents work. I really like cooking cakes, I enjoy drawing and reading, it relaxes me. I like shopping and I love travelling. I play badminton in a club every Wednesdays for 5 years. I really like taking care of children. Sometimes, I am a babysitter.

During my exchange, I would like to try new activities or continue badminton if possible. I also practice skiing every year in winter. I like riding a bike and I like swimming. Later, I would like to travel in the world. And I would like to work in business because I like the contact with people.

During the week end, with my parents and my sister, we visit my grandparents or friends. We also go to museums or visit monuments. I get along well with my parents and my sister. It´s very important for me. Every summer, we go camping and in winter, we do winter sports.

During the holidays, I also go to summer camp. I like it because I make a lot of friends and have fun. With my friends, we go to fast food and cinema. We also go shopping and we celebrate our birthday together. I like spending time with my friends, my parents and my sister.

I wish to go in Sweden because I was told that it is a beautiful country with splendid landscapes and that Swedish are warm and welcoming people. During my exchange, I would like to discover a new culture, a new country, meet new people and make new friends. I also want to learn a new language and improve my English. I think that this experience will enrich me and make me grow. It is a unique and exceptional experience. 


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