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Läsåret 20-21






Juni 2004


Lyssna på indie– och alternativ rock, fäktning, utomhusaktiviteter, umgås med djur, 3D-modellering, åka snowboard


Utåtriktad och lättsam med humor. Skulle vilja prova på stand up comedy i Sverige.

En hälsning från Carson

Dear Future Host Family,

My name is Carson and besides some acne outbreaks, I can find fun in almost everything. I´m a very easy-going person and I try not to be too much of a burden to anybody. I am helpful and not a complainer. Some of my hobbies include fencing (yes I can absolutely destroy in a sword fight), creating things, 3D modeling, snowboarding, fashion, music, traveling, hiking, backpacking, camping and trying way too hard to be funny. My friends have described me as smart, easy-going, patient and helpful. 

When we hangout, my friends and I usually go over to each other´s houses and play Jackbox (a video game) together and have fun at the various lakes in our small town. We also like to go to the movies and music concerts. I also hear that some skiing resorts are open all year so maybe I could get better at snowboarding and show up my friends when I get back, if you live nearby one of those.

I come from a household where everybody is required to help around the house and since I like to get things done I usually do it. My family is close-knit, we tell each other most things and help each other out. We are a liberal family, meaning we talk about everything. I have a brother who is three years younger than me and we get along very well.

I enjoy music very much, probably too much, and I hope to find more alternative and indie bands when in Sweden. Also, a lot of the bands I like have played around Sweden, like Tame Impala, Fidlar, Beirut, Cage the Elephant, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard (their new album is crazy good). 

I´ve also been learning Swedish on and off for about 5 years. I´ve recently started learning it more seriously taking a course online through UCLA.

My motivation for becoming an exchange student is mainly to get out of my small town, population of 5000 and see more of the world while exploring different cultures and making new friends. 

I hope I can be a great addition to your home, and I promise to help out as much as I can. I am very independent and will be fine doing things on my own too. I won´t need to rely on you for getting me around or exploring places. People say I´m "everybody´s friend" so I hope I can add to your family in a positive way.

Sincerely, Carson

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