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Läsåret 20-21




Estniska, engelska, ryska


September 2004


Fotografering, matlagning, kör, teater, elevråd


Kreativ person som är mån om sin hälsa och lever sunt. Äter inte kött eller fågel, men äter mejerivaror och skaldjur.

En hälsning från Brita

Kära värdfamilj,

My name is Brita and I am 15 years old. I am living with my mother, father and two little sisters in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. I also have a step-brother, but he is already grown up and lives alone.

In my spare time, I sing in the Estonian Radio Girls Choir where we have 1-2 trips each year. In addition to that, I have individual singing lessons and have sung on stage alone, go to dance classes and solfeggio. I also go to yoga, it is very relaxing for me and it relieves stress. And on sunny days I like ro ride my bike everywhere.

My 3 favorite activities are definitely photography, poetry and cooking. I love to read books, draw and paint too, but unfortunately I have not had time for everything during ninth grade.

On a typical weekday, I start the day by going to school. In Estonia the school day mostly lasts 7 hours. Then depending on the day I do my hobbies and homework. After that I go to home, make some dinner, sometimes prep food for next day in school, play with my sister, clean a little bit and when I have time I like to watch something good on TV.

At studies I´m rather good at humanitarian subjects. I am the representative person of my class and student board member. In student board we organize school events and solve different problems.

I spend a lot of time with my friends who are mostly from school. We often take pictures, go out to eat and most of the time we just talk, talk and talk.

My relationship with my family is very good. I love talking with them about my day and emotions. As a big sister I am a very good nanny! I started taking care of my little sister since she was 3 months old. For me it is normal to clean around the house and wash dishes and clothes.

We spend a lot of time together and that´s cool! I mean of course everyone is very busy all the time, but we share our free time together on the weekends. For example like walking in nature, eating out, going to the zoo, the museum or different kinds of events.

I chose Sweden, because the culture, people and environment seemed very sweet and safe. I have always been a fan of Swedish. After my exchange year, I would like to continua my studies in my current school, because one can also choose the Swedish study direction. And for a person who has lived in Sweden it would be very logical to continue with the studies in Swedish.

Tack för att du öppnade ditt hem för mig, 

with love, Brita

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