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PROGRAM Läsåret 19-20


MODERSMÅL Ungerska. Talar och förstår engelska bra

FÖDD Februari 2003

INTRESSEN Vattenpolo, kampsport, utomhusaktiviteter (vandra, segla), IT/programering

ÖVRIGT Tycker mycket om hundar

 Skola i Sverige

Olympiaskolan i Helsingborg

En hälsning från Bence

Min kära värdfamilj!

Jag heter Bence, jag är 16 år gammal. Jag kommer från Ungern, från Érd, som är en stad utanför huvudstaden Budapest.

If I had to describe with one word my whole life here, in Sweden, it would be awesome. Of course, it’s not a secret that I didn’t have hard time, but I always had a pillar, who helped me out. I am studying in the Olymipaskolan where I am fortunately in a very good class. I made 2 very close friends, who I can trust and I can talk about everything. I have made good friendship also with my other classmates, everyone is very kind and helpful - I love them.

I built up a life here, in Helsingborg and a month ago something has switched inside of me: luckily now I can feel I am a part of the community, not just an exchange student anymore. I love to be here, to study here, to have fun with them, or just sit down watching the ocean and talking with my friends. I like to go out with them, do some crazy stuff, something which will remain in my memories or just hang around in a cafeteria and have a FIKA, because in those situations deeper topics may come up that you can discuss with your friends.

I am an average 16 years old boy, with big dreams. My dream is to get to know the LIFE itself! That’s the reason why I applied to this program: I would like to find out a new world, have so many new experience and love to learn a new interesting language. I would like to get to know how people live in Sweden. Of these goals I experienced most of them, but I still have the aim to learn, experience new situations, people and habits.

I travel a lot with my family, I love to try and learn different exciting things. For example, ride a quad, parasailing, sailing etc. I like to see, to feel new places, cities, forests to make a whole image of the world. I like to do activities with my family, or just go somewhere, and with my friends as well.

In my free time, I like to do sports, or to walk around the city with my earplugs in, listening to music and delving deeper into my thoughts. But my main free time ‘activity’ is to hang out with my friends, or with my family. Without my friends I wouldn’t be that guy who I am today. I take it seriously, for me the relationships and friendships are very important and this exchange year makes me think clearer.

I have an excellent relationship with my parents and with my whole family. Min pappas namn är Barna och min mammas namn är Melinda.
I am able to discuss anything; I can be honest with them. I know they will help me with everything, whenever and anywhere. They support me in any situations. According to others I am more mature in my way of thinking than my mates of similar age – I think it is because of my parents and my school.
Jag har en yngre syster och bror. Min systers namn är Blanka och min brors namn är Marci – I also have a very good relationship with them, we often have great fun together, I can trust them and I can count on them.

I feel myself lucky, being in a family where we love, take care and trust each other.

I am very excited to see you in person!

/ Bence

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