Baran - Värdföräldrar familj


Cropped baran profilbild


Läsåret 20-21


Turkiet och Storbritannien


Turkiska, engelska


November 2002


Läsa, bågskytte, segling, titta på serier, basket, resor, nature, campa


Utåtriktad och nyfiken, älskar att upptäcka och lära sig nya saker och platser.

En hälsning från Baran

Dear host family,

Thank you for opening your beautiful home to me. My name is Baran and I am 17 years old. I live in Turkey with my Welsh dad and Turkish mom. I have no siblings but I have never felt alone because of my mother´s extended family.

I´m a very organized person, but also flexible meaning I´m OK if the plans change. I´m very cheerful and fun to be around and I´m good at adapting to new surroundings. I´ve always loved sports and nature, my favourite sport is sailing and I have been doing it since I was 11 but had to quit recently. 

My hobbies are basketball (which I´ve had to stop playing competitively because of an leg injury), reading books, listening to music and watching films with my family. I also enjoy going nature trekking with my dad and would like to do that in Sweden too. We also have fun conversations about history and I help him with his sword exercises and archery. With my friends I like to go camping, and go out and have fun together as teenagers do.

My school is lovely because of my friends and teachers. I´m studying language which means English in Turkey in my school but my favorite class is physical education because I really like working my body. I have also attended MUN conferences several times with my school and individually. I should explain MUN in case you don´t know it. It´s basically Model United Nations done by teens. It is a really good event to make new friends and learn about world´s problems and solve them. Unfortunately, education system in my country has many problems. I have been lucky enough to attend private schools with a more active approach to education. I´m very interested to experience the Swedish education system which is world famous for its success rates.

I have always wanted to be a vet although my math is not really good enough so I don´t have a specific idea of what I want to be in the future. Although I don´t have a specific job in mind, I would like to do something ecological, which is one of the reasons I have chosen Sweden. My country could learn a lot from the way that Sweden manages its ecology and the way Swedish people interact with nature. As I mentioned before, I´m really interested in specially outdoor sports which I know Sweden is also famous for.

Yours sincerely, Baran

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