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PROGRAM Läsåret 19-20



FÖDD Juni 2001

INTRESSEN Dans, fotografera, rita

ÖVRIGT Vill gärna fortsätta dansa under sitt utbytesår. Har läst svenska i ett år. Har mild hund- och kattallergi.

En hälsning från Annabel

Jag heter Annabel och jag kommer från Estland. Jag har pluggat svenska för ett år i skolan och jag kan tala lite svenska.

I would describe myself as a smiling, clever and caring person who does almost everything with passion and has a great sense of responsibility. My main thing and how most of the people know me, is dancing. I dance hip-hop and a disco-style named wacking. I love to dance because it gives me a certain type of freedom, and it is something that I definitely do not want to stop doing during my exchange year.

My other hobbies or interests are drawing, craft work and photography, which I would like to develop in my exchange year. But I also like to do sports, I like to run and one of my favourite things when I was younger was snowboarding. So during the exchange year I hope to be able to go snowboarding some time.  This is one reason why I chose Sweden for my host country. I study Swedish and I would like to know more about Swedish culture. And also like to try the notorious surströmming. My family and I also have the tradition to travel every year at least twice, one of them being Sweden. We have gone to Sweden every year since 2005.

Regarding my future I have thought of going to study psychology, but I am not really sure if it is a good idea. So for now I have made a plan to take it year by year. So first I will finish school, and then maybe take a gap year and travel.


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