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PROGRAM  Läsåret 19-20
FÖDD  Augusti 2001

INTRESSEN Musik, idrott, dans, drama och utomhusaktiviteter. 

- Jobbade som volontär i en Oxfam butik

- Vill gärna prova på längdskidåkning, fiska eller ishockey under sitt utbytesår. 

- Gillar att kolla på fotboll och landhockey matcher (favorit lag är The Red Devils och The Red Lions).


En hälsning från Alexia

Hej ! 

My name is Alexia, I’m a 17-year-old girl from Brussels, in Belgium. I live with both my mom and my dad in an apartment. I have an older sister who live with her boyfriend, and their five-months-old baby. My family is a very open-minded and funny family. We are Belgians after all ! We like to show each-other affection and make jokes . I think that we are a pretty chill family. I appreciate all of them because they never judge me for the way I am nor for my opinions. We really enjoy doing walks in the wood, it keep us at bay from noises and too much cars.
I always try to make the others smile and forget about their problems. I’m a shy person but I don’t let others run over me. I appreciate listening to music since it gives me a boost of energy whenever I’m sad or tired. With my friends, we usually go shopping while talking about every little topics of life. As a host family, I think you need to know that I’m not scare about things that I don’t know. Trying new things is definitely not a problem for me even if it doesn’t work.
The reason why I’m going on a exchange year is because I think it would give more self-confidence and autonomy for my future life as much as it will give me more time to figure out what I want to do with my life. It will allow me to learn another culture and another language.I can’t wait to learn Swedish : I’m already watching a Swedish series on Netflix, bonusfamiljen, to get used to the language. I choose Sweden because I had a great feeling about this country even tough I have never been there. It seems like a very peaceful and calm place with caring and kind people. It’s been more than two years that I’m thinking about this trip!

Like I said before, I do not know yet what I want to do after my exchange year but something is sure, it is not going to be related to science ! I’m more interested at school by history and languages, I just think it is ten times more interesting and really practical.
I hope that I will have the chance to share some time with you, your family and friends and that we will learn about each other culture. I can’t wait!

Alexias presentationsvideo

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