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PROGRAM Läsåret 19-20, inriktning musik



FÖDD Juli 2003

INTRESSEN Musik, spelar piano och trummor. Läsa, spela volleyboll, laga mat och baka.

ÖVRIGT Tycker mycket om djur och har kaniner hemma.

 Skola i Sverige 

Nordiska Musikgymnasiet i Stockholm

En hälsning från Adina

My name is Adina, I am 16 years old and live in a small village. I am a very amusing person and have a lot of humour. At first I am usually a bit shy but that changes over the first few days and I am open for new things. I have 3 bunnies, and am also a musical person, I play the drums and piano. I love it when I get home and can make or listen to music. It is a good contrast to the school life. During the week I play in a brass band and take piano or drum lessons.

My friends and I like to drive moped in the summer, and also go shopping or watch movies in the cinema together. We call each other often to update each other what happened lately, or get a cup of coffee together. With my family I like to cook, or play card games. On the weekend I help my parents in the household and the bunnies, or I do something with my friends.

My brother and I talk a lot about chemistry and physics because I like those subjects, and also the subject music.

Apart from music, I also have some other hobbies. In my spare time I read books or play volleyball. Sometimes I bake a cake or cook for the family. But I hope I can make music my future profession, in my future I would like to create sounds on a computer and produce music tracks.

I have chosen Sweden for my exchange because I think Sweden is a nice country with an interesting culture and a special language I would like to learn. Also I can pursue my hobby the best way in Sweden thanks to the music programmes. I think Sweden has lovely places and landscapes in nature. I hope I can learn something about Sweden and make new friends.


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